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Chiropractic Care and Morning Sickness

woman with pregnancy discomfortPregnancy isn’t known for being comfortable. But don’t think you have to just suffer through every symptom pregnancy throws your way. You might be surprised at how much chiropractic care can decrease your pain and morning sickness, all without taking on any of the risks of medication.

Helping Your Digestive System Thrive

At Ballas Chiropractic and Nutrition Centre, we always encourage our expecting patients to be examined and adjusted as a starting point. This is to make sure that their nervous system is balanced and functioning well.

The nervous system affects every other system in the body. Unhealthy nerves lead to unhealthy organs. If you’re in the thick of morning sickness, our first line of defense is going to be improving your nervous system so your stomach and digestive system can function optimally.

Calming Down Imbalanced Hormones

Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy are the main cause of morning (or, let’s face it, all-day!) sickness. We use supplementation to help you keep hormones in check so you’re not experiencing needless discomfort.

All the vitamins and minerals that we recommend are natural and safe for pregnancy. Common supplements that help pregnant patients include different kinds of digestive enzymes, B vitamins, and herbs, depending on what’s causing your case of morning sickness.

Personalized, Holistic Pregnancy Care

Before starting any plan of care, we examine every patient individually, right down to the blood work. No two pregnant women are alike, and no two pregnancies for the same woman are alike. Getting an accurate picture of what’s happening in your body helps us decide which combination of vitamins and minerals can reduce your feelings of nausea.

We often combine chiropractic care with nutrition and functional medicine for best results. By eating right, correcting any spine imbalances, and taking the vitamins and supplements you need, you can move past morning sickness to bask in that beautiful pregnancy glow.

Book Your Prenatal Visit Now

It’s time to push back against morning sickness. Schedule an appointment today for pregnancy chiropractic care.

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