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Prenatal Chiropractic Care With Dr. Wipperman

pregnant couple looking at computerYou may not have thought much about your health before getting pregnant. As soon as you see those two pink lines, however, keeping your body in great shape becomes a priority. At Ballas Chiropractic and Nutrition Centre, we can help you stay healthy and feel good through every stage of pregnancy with our expert knowledge of safe prenatal techniques.

Let’s Tell a Happier Birth Story

Many chiropractors are certified in the Webster Technique. This method helps babies move into the right position and makes labor smoother for women. Dr. Wipperman is one of the few who learned the technique before certification was even offered. He has spent 36 years giving women natural health care throughout pregnancy, followed by postpartum and infant care.

During your first visit to the practice, we will perform a careful examination to give us an in-depth understanding of any issues you’re facing. Everyone’s body is different, so our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. We will customize your plan of pregnancy chiropractic care based on your needs.

Decreasing the Pain of Pregnancy

We pay special attention to how you’re holding the baby and whether your posture is causing strain on your pelvis or low back. We focus on those areas in particular so your body can bear the extra weight without crippling pain.

We also work with specific muscles and ligaments connected to the uterus. We know exactly which spots to check to make sure your belly stays balanced.

Stay Flexible With Prenatal Exercises

Our goal is for you to enjoy pregnancy with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Flexibility is another key ingredient in keeping your body at its best, no matter how far along you are. We teach our patients specific prenatal exercises you can do at home right up until you deliver the baby.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Pregnancy should be a season to celebrate, not a trial to endure. Book your visit now and let us help you feel your best.

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