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Corporate Wellness Programs in
Creve Coeur

Program #1

“The 3 Keys of Managing Stress and Avoiding Illness”

It is often stated that stress is one of the most destructive forces to our health, but that may only be half true. The way we respond to stress appears to be more important than the stress itself. To respond properly we must identify the stressor, reduce or eliminate it, and then strengthen our body to resist it in the future. We will teach your employees these principles in our 45-minute power point presentation, as well as give them a take-home stress evaluation, relaxation breathing exercises and a list of the “10 Top Foods to Avoid.”

Program #2

“Nutritional Necessities Workshop Series”

This 3 part workshop series focuses on healthy eating. The topics to be discussed are endless and include; the good fats you need in your diet, how to eat grains and maintain a low-carb diet, and why using sweeteners may be the single most harmful thing you can do to your health.

Your employees will gain valuable information to improve their health. They will be given handouts, references, cooking tips and even be able to sample the foods and the recipes demonstrated. We are offering the interactive workshop series on a consecutive 3 week basis or making it available once a month for three months. Each workshop takes 30-45 minutes and is presented at your location.

Program #3

“Purification and Weight Loss Program”

Our unique three week program is designed to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and impurities. We begin with a 30-minute introductory session explaining the process and the products involved. Employees will learn how our toxic environment causes illness and how purification will improve their health and vitality. Two additional weekly sessions are used to follow up with any questions or concerns that may arise. We use the highest quality whole food supplements on our doctor supervised program to ensure your body purifies and rebuilds itself properly.

Program #4

“Health Fair”

Health fairs provide the right environment for your employees to assess their health status. We can participate in your health fair by providing free computerized Health Screenings and Posture Analysis, or host one for you with 8 to 10 other health related participants. It can be a one or two-day event organized at your location in a cafeteria or large meeting room.

Program #5

“Stress Screening”

Recent health studies demonstrate that 80% of all disease is caused or related to stress in the body. Wouldn’t it be nice if your employees could be screened for hidden health problems before they arise? New technology in the Chiropractic field allows us to use Surface Electromyography to determine stress levels and their effects on your health. These screenings are performed at your location within five minutes per employee.

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