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How Will You Help My Child Feel Safe & Comfortable?

kid playing with momIt’s understandable for kids to be unsure of what to expect—or feel a little nervous—anytime they go to a new place, particularly a doctor’s office. At Ballas Chiropractic and Nutrition Centre, Dr. Wipperman and the entire team go to great lengths to ensure that our pediatric patients feel safe, comfortable and at ease.

Building Rapport

Before any care is given, it’s important that we let kids set the tone of their care. We’ll never try to talk a child into getting adjusted. Instead, we take the time to build rapport with kids and customize care to their comfort level.

Rest assured that our adjustments are gentle. Mom, Dad and the entire family can be in the room with your child, if that’s what they want.

Dr. Wipperman is great with kids and has over 35 years of experience helping thousands of children live better, healthier, happier lives. Another one of the ways he helps kids feel comfortable is by joking around with them. We try to make every visit a fun experience, which is why you’ll often hear laughter in the practice.

After receiving care, children can celebrate their adjustment by ringing a little bell. “They look forward to it, and if we forget to give them the bell, they remind us,” said Dr. Wipperman.

child playing

Our Kid-Friendly Space

Unlike a cold and clinical doctor’s office that’s anything but inviting for kids, our practice features a cheerful, child-friendly area near our front desk. We have toys, trains, play kitchenware, and walls painted with animals.

Children can enjoy this kids’ area to help them get comfortable with our practice environment before their adjustment, or to pass the time while other family members receive care. Kids love their time at our practice, as it’s a positive and fun place to be!

No Shots Ever

Getting shots at the doctor’s office is never fun, especially for kids. One of the ways to help your child feel comfortable when coming to see us is to let them know that there will never be any shots given.

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